Who We Are

We are a diverse group of Calgarians who have chosen to build a unique community within the city where families and individuals can enjoy the benefits of truly knowing and trusting their neighbours, while retaining the privacy of owning their own homes. We are very interested in welcoming more families to our group!

See a bit about us below, and take a minute to check out our vision, mission and values, or to read about our history.

John and Jocelyne are both long time residents of Calgary. They are both social workers and have an interest in healthy communities. While strategically planning for their retirement, they were introduced to Prairie Sky Cohousing and quickly learned of others who had the same desire for healthy, safe communities. The rest is history.

They have four grown children and seven grandchildren. Jocelyne loves reading, knitting, cooking and singing. John is a musician, and enjoys the product of Jocelyn’s fine cooking. To stay fit, both enjoy hiking and geocaching.

Family snow-250
Shawn, Amber, Louis and Charlie – 
Calgary has been our home for more than a decade and we love raising our family in a place filled with so much possibility. We are passionate about spending time together with the people we love — our boys (aged 3 and 6), our friends, and the various groups that have welcomed us over the years. In the winter, you will find us skiing — all of us, finally! — and in summer you will find us camping. In between, we’ll either be biking, playing, cooking, baking or eating. We’re excited about co-housing because it will allow us to live our values every day: living simply, living well and living by taking care of what’s around us.

Geri – After many years as a social worker and counsellor, I now get to teach others to do the same. I count it a privilege and it’s fun too. In my spare time I love going for walks, reading fiction, painting and riding my motorbike. The things that are important to me are my family, my faith and my friends.

Carol – I was certifiable now I’m a chartered accountant. I work in the oil and gas industries as a business analyst helping to improve business processes. For fun I Jazzercise, golf, travel, and teach Sunday school to four year olds. The things that are important to me are hanging out with my 1 and 3 year old great nieces two families, my extended family, faith and my friends.

Lindsey, Wes & Finn
Wes, Lindsey & Finn (19-months) – In spite of organizing our neighbourhood block party every year, we’ve found that living in suburbia doesn’t afford the same opportunity for community that a setting like cohousing does. We can’t think of a better way to raise a family, and have grown more excited as we watch our son grow up with everyone in Mosaic Village around. Wes is a realtor, and Lindsey works at the University of Calgary organizing events to create dialogue around public policy. We enjoy cooking, spending time with family & friends, camping, skiing, hiking and the outdoors. We are excited to have a part in building Mosaic Village from the ground up!

– I’ve been interested in cohousing for a couple of years, and am really looking forward to the chance to help build a community. Working in the IT industry all my life has taught me the value of well-planned systems, and I can’t think of a better application than in the neighbourhood. I love spending time in the mountains and listening to music at every opportunity!

Eilis+Murray Hiebert pic
Murray & Eilis 

STILL not completely retired from our home-based business: www.powerful2lead.com

Travelling a lot, we are involved in overseas development work as well as visiting our two sons’ families, each with a granddaughter, in Montreal and Germany, (necessitating language classes!)

Both of us originated in small communities in Saskatchewan & Ireland. We have often talked about the lack of lifestyle choices imposed by Calgary’s built environment, while searching/living >20 years in a lovely downtown edge 140-unit condo building. Enter John & Jocelyne (via music) who introduced us to Mosaic. We look forward to sharing our life and professional skills in developing and sharing living with this exciting Mosaic community.

Just a couple of Monkeys
– I enjoy my work as a companion for seniors who need assistance, but when I am not busy with that I have always loved to travel.  I also enjoy walking, reading, the outdoors, and occasionally taking photos of any of the things I am involved in.  I am really looking forward to continuing to help build and grow Mosaic into a thriving and vibrant community.

Joanne – I have lived in my Calgary community for over 25 years and the community has changed from when I was raising my children. I am excited to help build the Mosaic Village community. I work full time for Alberta hEalth Services IT department. In my spare time I enjoy walks with my golden retriever, playing golf, reading and gardening.