Our Story

Hello! You’ve reached our old website. Please visit our BRAND NEW website, where we’ve got a ton of updated content (you may need to clear your cache & update your bookmarks!) www.mosaicvillage.org

Where we are now: Mosaic Village currently has 8 households, working together to build a thriving, caring, diverse multigenerational cohousing community in Calgary. Our youngest member is 19-months old, and our oldest member is in their mid-70’s. We plan to build around 20-30 homes. Most of us are NW people, and our land search has been in the NW, SW and a bit of the SE. Our plan is to include homes for families (likely townhouses), as well as some single-level ‘aging in place’ units. If you join us, you can have a say in the final design of our homes and neighbourhood! You can expect that homes will be ‘market-priced’ for Calgary, and our goal is to have a price-ceiling of around $500,000 for the larger homes. At this time, no one is planning to build a rental unit.

How we got here: The group that has become Mosaic Village was first seeded in September 2015 when an existing cohousing community in Calgary, Prairie Sky, hosted a workshop. We started meeting as a group to get to know each other, begin building community and discussing the next steps.

In 2016 we began work in earnest to set up the basis for our community. We hosted a series of workshops on subjects such as consensus decision making, visioning, financing and cohousing in general. We incorporated Mosaic Village Inc. on June 17, 2016 and developed our website, promotional materials, membership structure, bank account etc… Word began to spread and we on-boarded more households to our village!

Through late 2016, 2017 and early 2018 we spent time searching for the perfect piece of land (0.7 – 1.5 acres) to build 25 – 35 homes in Calgary. The focus of this search was primarily NW and SW Calgary, with a bit of the SE. We very quickly adjusted our expectations on ‘perfect’ as (no surprise), land in Calgary is expensive (especially close to the core), and we also discovered that not many pieces come to market. We have talked to various realtors, developers and others in our hunt, and examined several pieces that weren’t the right fit. (Several smaller plots did come up, but we are pretty interested in having enough homes to really benefit from sharing the workload.) Through this time, we welcomed more neighbours to our membership, and have built a lot of trust in each other through working together and hanging out!

If you’re interested in cohousing, now is a great time to get involved in our group and have a say as to what our final design will be. Consider joining us, or come out to one of our monthly social events.