Won’t you be our neighbour?

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Won’t you be our neighbour? We love meeting new people, and would be happy to chat about cohousing with you!

We are intent on building a thriving, caring, diverse multigenerational community of about 20-30 homes in Calgary. That means that we’re still looking for more families and individuals to join us. If cohousing is piquing your interest, why not come meet us? If you decide to learn more, you can start coming to meetings and have a say in our community. You get the benefit of really building relationships with your neighbours early, and will have a say in how our homes and neighbourhood are designed!

Just Curious?

Get to know us a bit better! Reach out to chat with us, come to one of our social events, and start reading up on cohousing. We’re friendly and there’s no pressure. Are we your kind of people? We understand it takes a bit to fully wrap your head around the concept, and see if cohousing might be for you. 

Helpful Tips

Browse our website. Find out more about our vision, our members and our community’s design. You will find links that answer questions many people ask about cohousing and how it works.

Is cohousing right for you? Research online and consider the questions in the self-assessment survey.

Sign up for the email list. info@mosaicvillage.org. You will be invited to our social events and be kept up to date on major developments.

Meet us. Are we your kind of people? Come meet our group at an information session or social event, or send us an email to set up a chat over coffee or on the phone. We host a monthly ‘Curiosity & Conversation’ pub night every 4th Friday. Check out our Meetup group for more details.

Start reading about cohousing. We highly recommend reading:
• Creating Cohousing by Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett, 2011 (Available at the Calgary Public Library, or order as an ebook or hard copy here)

Ask us a question via email – info@mosaicvillage.org. We are happy to discuss our community with you, however we appreciate you browsing our website a bit first.

If your initial look into cohousing seems promising, and you’re curious to learn more, the next step is probably becoming an Explorer!


If you’ve met some of the Mosaic folks, and cohousing is sounding pretty good to you… becoming an Explorer is the next step! There’s no better way to learn more than starting to come to meetings, and being involved in the discussions we’re having about our future neighbourhood.

Explorers are exploring the possibility of becoming Equity Members and living in and being a participant in the life and growth of Mosaic Village. It is a low-risk and no-pressure opportunity to see if cohousing is the right “fit” and if you like the people that could be your new potential neighbours. Explorers attend business meetings and social events and actively participate in design and community process discussions. They contribute to committees so they get a feel for our group, how we operate, and where the project is heading. (Explorers join Mosaic Village by housing unit. All members of a housing unit are expected to participate, and we are flexible for how that looks for families!)

In order to become an Explorer with Mosaic Village, we ask that you:

1. Become familiar with our website.
2. Have attended at least 1 Mosaic Village social event
3. Discuss with a member of the Explorer & Equity Committee about your involvement with the group. (Each new Explorer is paired with a community member ‘buddy’ that is available to answer questions.)
4. Complete the Explorer form. (This will be provided by the Explorer & Equity Committee.) Completing this form gives you a chance to express yourself, and us a chance to get some insight about things like, what size of home do you want, which things are really important to you etc….
5. Pay a $100 non-refundable Explorer fee. The fee covers marketing, room rentals for info sessions or workshops the group might want. The fee will be credited toward your Equity Membership investment if you decide to move forwardExplorers pay $40/month (as do Equity members), and are full participants in our community.

If you’d like to connect about becoming an Explorer, please contact us here. Someone from the Explorer & Equity Committee will be in touch!

Equity Memberships

Equity Members intend to live in Mosaic Village when it is built and have made a large commitment to drive the project forward, both through financial contributions and time invested in developing group processes. Equity Members have full rights and privileges on all decisions affecting the group and project. They have a right to buy a unit in Mosaic Village when they come available. Equity membership is by household.

For more detailed information, please contact the Explorer & Equity Committee.