Is Cohousing Right For You?

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Answer these questions with a yes, no or maybe. The more ‘yes’ responses, the more likely that cohousing is a good fit for you!

• Do you like the idea of getting to know your neighbours as friends?

• Does the idea of living in a dynamic urban neighbourhood, within walking distance of most of your needs appeal to you?

• Do you want to be part of a community dedicated to reducing its environmental impact?

• Do you like the idea of living in community, both supporting your neighbours and receiving support?

• Are you comfortable lending and borrowing tools, outdoor equipment, and other things with your neighbours?

• Do you like the idea of doing social and recreational activities such as hiking, camping, biking, or rafting with your neighbours?

• Do you like gardening side by side with your neighbours and sharing the bounty at a community or home cooked meal?

• Do you enjoy potlucks and like the idea of helping with periodic neighbourhood dinners?

• Do you like the idea of weekly community dinners?

• Would you be willing to work in a team to prepare a community dinner?

• Do you regard yourself as a problem solver and enjoy contributing to group solutions to issues?

• Would you be comfortable working in a consensus decision-making process?

• Would you be willing to contribute to the governance of your community by serving on
committees (Membership, Finance, Social, Outreach, etc.)?

• Would you enjoy participating in community work days a couple times a year to help make common areas and facilities look their best?

• Would you enjoy caring for your neighbours’ pets and appreciate them caring for yours?

• Do you like the idea of helping senior neighbours grow old gracefully by lending a hand?

• Does the idea of sharing and maintaining common areas with neighbours appeal to you?

• Do you like nourishing body and soul with good food, good health, good company, good

• Do you like living mindfully in community, encouraging wisdom, compassion and interpersonal growth.

• Do you like experiencing stylish, thoughtfully designed interior living.

• Do you consider yourself an optimist, a person with a positive outlook?

• Would you enjoy being part of projects to better the larger community of our neighbourhood or city?